​Energy Healing

In January 2015 I was asked in my meditation to help a young boy admitted in ICU. I didn't know him but I just heard about his condition from a friend of mine. This little one chose to ask me for help by appearing in my meditation. At that time I had no previous experience in healing but a 1st degree of Reiki Instruction that I had gotten years before then never practiced. For a few days, once or twice a day, he came to me in my meditation space and... I helped him!

From there my path was about experiencing and understanding different ways of healing with the universal energy as well as nourishing and growing the spiritual being within me.

Today I offer intuitive energy healing which could be done either by meditating or by healing sounds. A regular session is about one hour. It starts by talking about your expectations for this particular healing. Then we share the healing itself before finishing with a conclusion talk about your present sensations. It could be done in person or remotely (phone or video call).


Isabelle Dumazet / psy.spi@dumazet.fr / +1 415 349 6009

  One session charge
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